Rescue of distressed elephants in Southern India, A case studies of threats to wild elephants caused by human development activities and intervention

Kalaivanan N, Kumaraguru A, Brinda T


Elephas maximus indicus, an endangered herbivore is a single extant species inIndiawith a vital role in any ecosystem in which it survives. Conservation of elephants inIndiais the need of the hour as they are the keystone species capable to stop the progression of grassland to woodlands or thicket by weeding out the trees and shrubs. The size of the herbivore makes it difficult for the conservation management issues like human-elephant conflict or rescue operations in case of distressed elephants. In this paper we have reported four case studies in which rescue operations has yielded success by the appropriate sequence of physical methods. Though there are notable difference in the situations, effective planning and execution of the rescue operation based on the elephant in distress and the topology has made each rescue case a unique operation and hence we have discussed the specific determinants in each case and the operational procedure which would give success in each cases.


Elephant, Endangered, Rescue, Conservation, Western Ghat, India

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