Extraction and Identification of β-carotene from unripe date palm

Gayathri Maheswaran, Dr.S. Thilagavathi


Carotenoids are one of the natural plant pigment and also valuable preventive medicines too. Recent research shows that there is solid connection between the eating regimen wealthy in carotenoids with expanded assurance against cardiovascular sickness and particular sorts of malignant growth. The primary target of the current investigation is to remove the carotenoids from two varieties of unripe Phoenix dactylifera namely Barhi (yellow in colour, YD) and Khenaizi (red in colour, RD) and then to identify the presence of β-carotene by using preparative “Thin layer choromatography” (TLC) and “High Performance Liquid Chromatographic” (HPLC) technique. The experimental results of both the samples were compared to standard β-carotene. From the results obtained both the samples were contain notable amount of β-carotene, Mainly Khenaizi shows more retention time (5.09) compared to that of Barhi (5.02).β-carotene is useful in giving likely advantage to forestalling nutrient vitamin A lack and it is perhaps the most common public health problems.


Phoenix dactylifera, β-carotene, Thin layer chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, vitamin A deficiency.

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