A Study on Natural Dyeing of Cotton Using Cocos Nucifera

Bavadharani S, Sunitha R


                                  Natural dyes are obtained from roots, leaves, barks, fruits and fruit-coat or wood of the plants. It exhibits better bio-degradability and has a better suitability with the environment and its use in coloration of fabric materials is the consequences of increased environmental awareness. The aim of this research work is to extract dye from natural source and perform an experimental analysis of the dye adherence on cotton fabric. The natural source selected for the study is the nonedible portion of cocos nucifera at fresh and dried stages. The dye extraction was carried out using water and methanol. Then the cotton fabric was dyed and analysed for various physical and colour fastness properties. The aqueous extract of  green coconut shell on the cotton fabric had good dye adherence and colour fastness. It was observed  that the dyed fabrics exhibited good strength and colourfastness properties.


Keywords:Natural dye, Cocos nucifera, and Biodegradability

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