Optimisation and Development of Aegle marmelos Incorporated Prunus amaygdalus var dulcis Gum Capsule Film

Reshma Syed, Balasasirekha R


Background: Prunus amaygdalus var dulcis gum commonly known as almond gum is a polymer. Capsules made up of almond gum was used as a stand-in to gelatin capsule and the fusion of Aegle marmelos was found to help prevent peptic ulcer. Anti-bacterial property of almond gum helps increasing the shelf life of capsules.

Objective: To standardize and formulate Aegle marmelos incorporated Prunus amaygdalus var dulcis gum capsule and to assess the microbial and solubility properties of Aegle marmelos incorporated Prunus amaygdalus var dulcis gum capsule.

Materials and Methods: The samples were formulated and standardized using five grams of almond gum and one gram of Aegle marmelos. Glycerol and sorbitol were used as plasticizers. Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose and carrageenan gum were used as a binding agent for the formulation of Aegle marmelos incorporated almond gum capsule and it entails antioxidant, anti-ulcerative and anti-bacterial property. Predominantly, the anti-ulcerative property was due to the tannin content. The microbial content and solubility properties were also determined and compared with gelatin capsules.

Result: The swelling property and moisture content of the sample decreased as the concentration increased. The total bacterial count of Aegle marmelos incorporated almond gum capsule of AMV1 was 5.0± 0.042 CFU/g and for AMV2 was 7.0±0.023 CFU/g when compared with standard (98.0 ± 0.05 CFU/g) and is significant at 5% level. The water solubility content of standard was 25% and for AMV1 and AMV2 was 80% and 97% respectively and found to be significant at 5% level. The swelling index of AMV1 was higher at 40 % when compared to standard (20%) and AMV2 (30%) and is due to presence of high volume of water using method I. Using method II, the swelling index of AMV1 was higher at 9.3 compared to other two samples of standard (-6.3) and AMV2 (-3.8) and is because of the medium density of the material. The moisture content of AMV1 was higher at 23% as determined by two methods when compared with standard and AMV2.

Conclusion: The tannin content in Aegle marmelos helps to prevent peptic ulcer in individuals and almond gum, a natural polymer is a best vegetarian capsule alternative to gelatin. capsule. The present study proved that anti-bacterial and solubility properties of Aegle marmelos incorporated almond gum and is far better in health perspective as compared to normal commercial capsule.


Almond gum, Aegle marmelos, Prunus amaygdalus, vilvam, capsule, peptic ulcer, solubility, swelling index, moisture content, total bacterial count.

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