IR, UV and CV studies of Schiff base metal complexes derived from o-phenylinediamine with chlorobenzaldehyde

Nazeer M


A new N2 type Schiff base ligand was prepared by the condensation of
o-phenylenediamine with p-chlorobenzaldehyde. The ligand and its mixed-ligand complexes have been characterized by microanalytical data, molar conductance, magnetic susceptibility, IR, UV-Vis., spectra.  The data show that they have composition of the type [ML(ox)]Cl2 where M = Cu(II) and Zn(II). The UV-Vis. and magnetic susceptibility data of all these complexes have adopted square-planar geometry around the central metal ion. Moreover, these complexes have higher electrolytic nature confirmed by the molar conductance data. Furthermore, their magnetic susceptibility values provide evidence for the monomeric nature. From the cyclic voltammetric data, both complexes reveal that these complexes are quasi-reversible.


Schiff Base, o-phenylenediamine and UV-Vis

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